Five zones of far-infrared emission

NIRE is currently the only infra-red device with dozens of therapeutic programs thanks to five independent zones of far-infrared emission. It acts selectively on selected parts of the body or the whole body. The intuitive control panel allows the selection of a specific type of therapy, which can be divided into groups and therapeutic sub-groups such as Health, Sport, Beauty, or Manual. Each group allows you to select a specific far-infrared therapy with adjusted temperature, selected body part and treatment time.

The highest quality electronic components were used to make the control system. NIRE is intelligent furniture – it keeps up with the requirements of the smart era. It has an intuitive control panel that will smoothly guide you in selecting the appropriate type of therapy.

NIRE has four therapeutic groups such as HEALTH, BEAUTY, SPORT and MANUAL

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HEALTH MODE gives you the opportunity to choose the therapy for spine pain divided into the thoracic and sacral sections, pain in the knee joints, general increase of the body’s immunity and anti-stress therapy. Each therapeutic program has a set appropriate treatment duration, a specific heating zone and temperature. This mode is recommended for people who care about their health or have pain related to the skeletal or muscular

Therapeutic programs – HEALTH MODE

The images show the zones and exposure times of infrared emissions in Health Mode

SPORT MODE has programs for strengthening the back muscles, buttocks and legs, as well as for warm-up, regeneration and relaxation after training. It is recommended for people leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Supports you in taking care of and maintaining good physical condition. FIR heat therapy, both for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, is recommended for all people practicing various sports activities, recreationally or professionally.

Therapeutic programs – SPORT MODE

The images show the zones and exposure times of infrared emissions in Sport Mode

BEAUTY MODE offers anti-cellulite therapy, burning fat tissue, firming the body, reducing leg swelling and strengthening the body’s detoxification. It supports proper care of the skin, which constitutes approximately 16% of our body weight and is a protective barrier for us. Far infrared therapy improves skin firmness, condition and appearance. FIR heat opens pores, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and helps in better absorption of cosmetic preparations, which increases their action and effectiveness.

Therapeutic programs – BEAUTY MODE

The images show the zones and exposure times of infrared emissions in Beauty Mode

MANUAL MODE allows you to independently select the appropriate temperature, zones of action on individual parts of the body and the duration of the treatment. It is aimed at people who have diverse needs. For example, they prefer higher temperatures, heating of a specific part of the body and longer duration of regenerative, relaxation, strengthening or pain relief treatments.
The image shows the ability to select time, temperature and emission zones infrared light to individual parts of the body.


The heart of the NIRE heating mechanism is the FIR mat with silver carbon conglomerate. As soon as the chair is connected to the power supply, the foil emits far infrared light, which penetrates four centimeters deep into the body.
Heat dilates blood vessels and improves circulation, which speeds up metabolism, increases metabolism and exchange of nutrients. This regenerates the body and allows the body to enter a state of deep relaxation. And this is just the beginning of the positive impact of NIRE on your body.


Each body having a temperature above absolute zero is a natural infrared (IR) generator, also a human. Every day we deal with one of the most powerful sources of this radiation in nature – the Sun. Thanks to NIRE, every person can benefit from the beneficial effects of “life energy” in the comfort of their own home.
Infrared (INFRARED) also called infrared radiation (IR radiation or infrared radiation) is a form of electromagnetic energy with a wavelength greater than visible light, i.e. 0.76 – approx. 20 µm, which is invisible to the human eye. Far infrared is one of the parts of the full range of infrared. The infrared ranges are:
  • NIR, near infrared – range 0,76−2,5 μm
  • MIR, mid infrared – range 2,5−5 μm
  • FIR, far infrared – range 5−20 μm.
When solar radiation reaches the Earth, our planet emits infrared radiation as secondary radiation. Passing through the atmosphere, it is largely absorbed by water vapor, carbon dioxide and other substances, which is why a small part of it goes out of the atmosphere. The atmosphere is therefore the thermal insulation of our planet and protects it from cooling down.
The positive effect of infrared on our body has been scientifically documented. It is widely used, among others in medicine, rehabilitation or in professional wellness clinics. Our armchair is perfect for people doing sports, caring for a beautiful body and well-being.


NIRE armchair is the highest quality of an innovative, intelligent furniture. Its strength lies not only in the latest technology used in the production of heating mats. First of all, it is the precision and commitment with which we approach every detail of our furniture. The armchairs are produced, folded and controlled by highly qualified carpentry staff. Each piece of furniture gets from craftsmen so important in times of predominantly mass production of furniture – the so-called “human touch”.
Thanks to this, we can be sure that the armchair that goes to your homes, businesses and offices is of the highest quality.
Our armchairs are manufactured under the watchful eye of renowned craftsmen from the Polish carpentry workshop DAWIDCZYK. Professionals with many years of experience working with wood ensure the highest quality of the final product, from the first cuts in the material.


Each curve of the chair has been designed to relieve tired joints and muscles, both in the case of intensive training and a sedentary lifestyle. The ergonomic shape of the armchair ensures optimal curvature of the spine and proper positioning of the hips, which on a daily basis for many of us are burdened with work behind the desk. The possibility of rocking in the chair allows deep muscles to be stimulated and self-massage.
The NIRE seat line has been analyzed by orthopedic doctors and positively evaluated by the Sports Rehabilitation Center in Warsaw.
The design and color of the armchair are kept in a timeless character, so that regardless of the interior design to which NIRE goes – they can be found in any space. The leading goal of the furniture designer, Jan Szadkowski, was to achieve the form that was invited to your homes – it will allow you to enjoy the warmth of NIRE without disturbing the visual balance in the current space. To achieve this goal, Jan focused on the harmony of lines and emphasize the beauty of natural wood; he also took care of every, even the smallest detail of the chair’s finish.


Każda krzywizna fotela została zaprojektowana z myślą o niesieniu ulgi zmęczonym stawom i mięśniom, zarówno w przypadku intensywnego treningu jak i siedzącego trybu życia. Ergonomiczny kształt fotela utrzymuje ciało w pozycji zerowej grawitacji, określonej przez specjalistów NASA. Zapewnia optymalne i najbardziej korzystne ułożenie całego ciała. Gwarantuje najlepszy sen i relaks. Odciąża kręgosłup, rozluźnia mięśnie, otwiera drogi oddechowe i odciąża serce. Możliwość kołysania się w fotelu pozwala na pobudzane mięśni głębokich oraz automasaż. Linia siedziska NIRE została przeanalizowana także przez lekarzy ortopedów oraz pozytywnie zaopiniowana przez Centrum Rehabilitacji Sportowej w Warszawie.


NIRE armchairs are made of uniform materials, and the highest quality birch wood (classified as the healthiest wood species in the world) has been used to manufacture the seat fins. For some NIRE models, we also use selected veneers from European trees. In the production process of our armchairs we use only natural elements and ecological varnishes.


We used the highest-quality electronic components to make the heat control system, and Irek Wesołowski, co-founder of NIRE, is the head of the research and technology coordination team.
NIRE guarantees the highest quality safe technological solutions. The touch controller developed by us allows for smooth adjustment of the heating power. NIRE armchairs are very safe – after 60 minutes of heating, they switch off automatically. Thanks to this, by using NIRE, you can indulge yourself fully carefree relaxation. After restarting, the controller remembers the last temperature setting.
NIRE models are also very safe in terms of their construction. Because most of them are slightly rocking chairs – specially selected bumpers ensure that too much user movement – is secured and blocked at a safe stage.
NIRE is a product protected by patents throughout the European Union. It also has a set of all certificates allowing the furniture for safe use and trade.
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE

natural infra-red energy

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