Why people leading a healthy and active lifestyle such as runners, cyclists, enthusiasts of fitness classes – but also professional athletes – should use FIR heat therapy?
For people who care about health and well-being, the most important is movement, well-being and physical fitness. Their ally in maintaining the body in good condition and health is primarily FIR heat therapy. It increases blood flow, improves circulation, strengthens immunity, cleans the body of toxins, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin, but also effectively helps in alleviating pain, treating all kinds of sports injuries, ensures a restful sleep and increases the efficiency and energy of the body.
Regardless of whether you care about recreational or professional sports or just about spending time actively, FIR heat therapy can work wonders, improving the overall endurance of the body, while increasing its level of performance.


There is always some room to improve the overall condition of the body and its physical abilities. We can achieve excellent body performance through physical activity, maintaining a calm state of mind, maintaining an appropriate body temperature, adequate and balanced nutrition, and ensuring sufficient hydration. Due to the fact that FIR heat penetrates deep into the body for about 4 cm, relieves pain, reduces stress, removes toxins and dissolves fats. Experts confirm that just one 60-minute session of FIR therapy helps to release about 15-20% of toxins from the body and this is why we notice such a significant improvement in well-being. But this is only the beginning of the beneficial effects of FIR therapy, because it also reduces the level of cortisol, called “stress hormone”, thanks to which it ensures peace and relaxation, increases tissue stretch, relieves muscle spasms and improves cardiovascular activity after training.
Studies that have been published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport have confirmed that using FIR heat therapy after training also improves runner endurance. Researchers have noticed that using FIR heat therapy after training increases training achievements by up to 23% compared to people who don’t use therapy. The reason for such significant effects is the improvement and increase of blood flow.
FIR heat therapy in both the prevention and treatment of sports injuries is recommended for all people practicing various sports, recreational or professional activities. Every day avoiding injuries and accidents is unfortunately easier to say than to do. We often succumb to the thought that we are indestructible, forgetting that our body also has certain capabilities and we fall into a routine that, unfortunately, promotes injury. Regaining full fitness and fast regeneration is very important, both for people who play sports professionally and for those active, who take care of their condition and do not want to lose already achieved training effects. In this situation, FIR heat therapy, which accelerates the healing of wounds and injuries by up to 3 weeks, comes to our aid. It reduces joint stiffness and improves their mobility. Thanks to which, recovery time is kept to a minimum.
The soothing FIR heat improves the quality and length of sleep, reduces muscle tone, increases the level of rest and relaxation, while improving metabolism and increasing body energy. In summary, FIR heat therapy helps eliminate inflammation, reduces swelling, and reduces pain caused by physical or stress trauma. It has a really beneficial effect on painful, damaged or tired muscles. FIR heat, which penetrates the muscles, improves blood circulation and helps in their regeneration. FIR heat also reduces lactic acids in the muscles, i.e. helps to get rid of so-called “Soreness.”
Regardless of the type and severity of the injury, FIR heat therapy helps you recover quickly and regain fitness, so you return to the game with more enthusiasm and energy!
Former Olympian Dr Jeffrey Spencer, who looked after famous professional athletes, including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong or NASCAR driver Bobby LaBonte, above all was responsible for minimizing downtime in training and accelerating the return of his clients to full fitness. He regularly recommended the use of FIR therapy, which is important in regenerating and reducing muscle tone and eliminating toxins that significantly burden the body.


The basic way in which FIR therapy supports the proper functioning of muscles is to prevent and reduce their fatigue, which occurs in connection with physical activity, mainly during intense exercise. Studies confirm that FIR heat therapy effectively prevents muscle fatigue and improves their performance.
How does FIR heat therapy reduce muscle fatigue and regenerate it?
In a nutshell, FIR therapy improves mitochondrial breathing cycle, helping it to produce energy more efficiently, which means that muscles are less prone to fatigue. Mitochondria are also involved in cell growth and death as well as cell cycle control. Of course, these mechanisms are much more complex, but FIR heat is widely used. It helps in increasing the production of antioxidants that slow down the aging process of cells and the increase in microcirculation under the influence of heat therapy makes tissues more susceptible to the intake of oxygen and nutrients that are necessary in the process of muscle regeneration.


Proper functioning and effective muscle regeneration are very important for escalate their strength and endurance and reducing fatigue and soreness after physical activity. Using FIR therapy increases healthy muscle tissue and its growth, naturally increasing muscle size and mass. Studies have shown that muscle growth and strength between two groups of athletes – one of them, benefited from heat therapy in combination with physical training. It was found that muscle thickness and strength were significantly better in people who benefited from heat therapy. The results of this study were clearly measurable during ultrasound and isokinetic dynamometry.


Heat therapy not only increases muscle strength and reduces muscle fatigue, but also provides long-term benefits for the whole body and muscle development. Similarly to enhancing mitochondrial activity, it plays a very important role in stimulating the growth of new muscle cells and tissues accelerating the regeneration process after muscle damage or fatigue. It improves the overall health of muscles and their proper functioning in the long run.
FIR heat therapy offers great opportunities to support standard treatment or even treatment without medication. To support physically active and professional athletes so that they can increase and achieve optimal training results, FIR heat therapy improves muscle strength, performance and agility, while increasing their weight. Natural regeneration mechanisms activated as a result of FIR heat therapy help to heal injuries faster and the use of pre-workout therapy reduces their occurrence. Prevents muscle fatigue and soreness.
Thanks to NIRE, you can use FIR heat therapy at home, whenever you need it. FIR heat therapy is a scientifically proven approach that brings great benefits to both “weekend fighters” and professional athletes from all walks of life – from beginners to professionals.
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE

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