Viral infections and colds. Back problems, migraines, rheumatic pains. Tell them STOP! – NIRE is a unique armchair that provides the body with far infrared heat FIR.
FIR (Far Infra-Red) heat therapy supports the functions of organs and blood vessels throughout the body improves:
  • the process of supplying oxygen to each cell,
  • production of proteins acting as a biological defense mechanism,
  • nitric oxide production, which regulates blood pressure, inhibits platelet aggregation,
  • affects gastrointestinal motility, the central nervous system by improving memory and, above all, is involved in many immunological processes.


The relationship between the immune system and body temperature is of great importance to our health. Its slight decrease causes that our body begins to lose internal balance and weakens the strength of the immune system. We become tired, more susceptible to colds and free radicals that circulate in our body – and whose excess causes atherosclerosis, cancer and faster aging.
FIR Therapy (Far Infra-Red) – known as “life energy therapy” raises body temperature by about 1 degree Celsius. Already such a slight change in temperature triggers the strengthening and regenerative processes of our body; this is because FIR therapy does not conduct heat only on the surface of the body, but safely transports it deeper, about 4 cm.
FIR heat by heating our body increases blood flow, improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to all cells and organs. It improves mood, accelerates the treatment of inflammation, tissue regeneration and increases the strength of the immune system.


FIR heat, in a safe way, slightly raising the body temperature causes an increase in blood flow and vasodilation, and promotes angiogenesis, i.e. the formation of blood vessels and lymph vessels. Thanks to this, sufficient oxygen and nutrients are supplied to our organs and tissues and their blood supply is significantly improved. The body’s efficiency and exercise tolerance are also increased.
FIR therapy prevents and treats ischemia – a local blood supply disorder that results from stopping the blood supply to a tissue or organ. Undiagnosed or untreated ischemia can be rapid and lead to tissue necrosis in a short time.


Increasing body temperature thanks to FIR therapy dilates blood vessels, improves circulation, but also speeds up metabolism, increases metabolism and exchange of nutrients. Activating these processes increases and facilitates the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. FIR waves correspond to the frequency of water in our cells, causing toxins to be released into the bloodstream and then removed through natural excretory channels.
FIR heat also enhances the subcutaneous fat release process, in which toxins also accumulate. Very gentle sweating of the skin during FIR therapy helps burn fat. A single FIR therapy can be as effective as half-hour jogging – while supporting weight loss and body cleansing. In addition, getting rid of toxins in our body is also responsible for improving and strengthening our immune system.


Living on the run and in constant stress, encountering problems – we fight pain of various origins. Fighting stress – the so-called “silent killer” ruins our body and leads to many diseases, including atherosclerosis, heart failure, diabetes mellitus as well as depression and often associated insomnia. Living in an unhealthy tension, our body produces an increased amount of oxidative stress marker and cortisol. This hormone is also called “stress hormone” and its main task is, in extreme situations, to increase blood glucose levels, which can lead to diabetes.
Regenerating and relaxing heat reduces body tension and levels of stress. FIR also increases the amount of serotonin (also called happiness hormone) and significantly reduces oxidative stress. Thanks to this, FIR therapy is so effective in relieving pain of various origins, in chronic fatigue and stress syndrome, rheumatological diseases, fibromyalgia, in supporting the treatment of muscle and bone injuries, alleviating the symptoms of general fatigue, depression and insomnia problems. There is an improvement in general well-being, we begin to work with doubled energy, definitely increasing our efficiency.


Heat therapy, improving circulation, metabolism and mobilizing our immune system accelerates the regeneration of the whole body and helps in the treatment of many muscular and bone injuries. FIR stimulates and health-promoting our body. The soothing heat of therapy relaxes and reduces muscle tension, releases pain and has anti-inflammatory effects.
The beneficial effect of FIR on the human body is widely documented in many studies of the influence of far infrared on the body. Test descriptions are available at the link.


The use of far infrared is healthy, safe and in many cases advisable. However, as with any therapy, there may be contraindications to using it. These include: pregnancy, glaucoma, active tumor processes, purulent skin diseases, ulcers, acute inflammation, advanced circulatory failure, coronary artery disease, early infarction period, hypotension, thrombophlebitis. If you suffer from these diseases or take long-term medications, consult your doctor for the use of far infrared therapy.


Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE




Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE




Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE

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