A healthy and active employee - why is this so important?

Every employer knows why a healthy, active and rested employee is indispensable for proper business operation. Daily, many hours of work, often in constant running, tension and stress causes that we are overtired, we become less effective and lose energy and willingness to act. Such long-term functioning causes that until now a strong and healthy body begins to lose immunity and get sick. FIRM HEAT is primarily “ENERGY OF LIFE”, stimulation and improvement of blood circulation, cell saturation with oxygen and nutrients as well as regeneration and relaxation of the whole body and mind. Thanks to FIR therapy, you can protect your employees and prevent their form and efficiency from decreasing, and above all their absence from work. Regular 10-15 minute screenings on NIRE are enough to achieve this; they will prevent illness and support a healthy and strong body.

FIR heat therapy cares for employees' health and increases work efficiency

Most people who work professionally have problems with chronic back pain, muscles, joints or a state of chronic fatigue. All these ailments are caused by work mode, long sitting and limited physical activity. Often, hours of work, business and home responsibilities – do not allow you to save time for physical exercises and relaxation, or simply because of tiredness we lack the desire. Thanks to the beneficial effects of FIR heat therapy, you can ensure your employees regeneration and relaxation during the workday, guaranteeing an increase in their creativity, efficiency and full commitment. FIR therapy gives measurable effects at work in a short time; it increases blood flow, improves circulation, strengthens immunity, purifies the body of toxins, regenerates and rejuvenates, but also effectively helps in alleviating pain, treating all types of injuries and increases the efficiency of the body. First of all, FIR heat therapy, relieving pains of various origins, allowing you to regain peace and balance of body and mind, give you willingness and energy to act. A healthy, satisfied and happy employee is the key to the success of any company!

FIR heat therapy fights stress and burnout

Living in running and prolonged tension, facing many professional challenges, we encounter all kinds of difficulties and problems. We often fight each other and with the limitations of our own mind and body. Fighting stress – the “silent killer” ruins the body and leads to many diseases, including atherosclerosis, heart failure, diabetes mellitus as well as depression, insomnia and burnout. Living under stress, the body produces an increased amount of oxidative stress marker and cortisol. This hormone, also called stress hormone, causes increased blood glucose levels in high tension situations. Only the short-term effect of cortisol is beneficial (because it mobilizes the body to act) but with prolonged tension it causes many diseases and instead of fighting the body begins to give up.
Increasingly, healthy and strong people, professionally active, develop depression and struggle with the problem of burnout, the main symptoms of which are: chronic fatigue, problems with concentration and sleep, mood swings, negative emotions and increased tendency to stimulants. All this causes that they become hardly useful at work, even begin to neglect it.
Regenerating and relaxing warmth FIR is the best medicine for stress and burnout. Regular, short sessions of FIR therapy warm up the whole body, reduce muscle tension and relax. The pleasant feelings we experience during FIR heat therapy increase the amount of serotonin called the happiness hormone, which significantly reduces the level of oxidative stress. Thanks to this FIR therapy is effective in alleviating pain, chronic fatigue and stress syndrome, depression and insomnia problems. There is an improvement in general well-being, we begin to work with doubled energy, definitely increasing our efficiency. A healthy employee is one who is rested and rested. The less susceptible to stress and tension, the more effective, dedicated and involved in joint activities.
Thanks to FIR heat therapy, we can charge the batteries, recover energy and move with double the force to act. We become more focused, we can react faster to stimuli and, above all, we get sick less often.
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE
Fotele relaksacyjno-regeneracyjne na podczerwień NIRE

natural infra-red energy

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